Android File Transfer Between Your Device And A Mac

Android file transfer between your device and a mac the easy way to do so, in this post you will learn how to do it as android phones have amazing features.

Android phones are widely known to be faster with more amazing features. You can take photos and record audio files easily with them. It is also very likely that you will need to use the android file transfer when sharing files with your Mac.

Whether it is a photo editing project you were working on, or you just need to free up space from your android device, it is important to understand how best to go about it. If you are reading this, then there is a chance you tried moving the files into your Mac in vain.

Simplest way to use Android file transfer

When using a windows operating system, the process of transferring files between your android phone and the computer is as simple as plugging in a cable and opening files. However, file transfers with a Mac is a slightly unique process.

You will be required download the Android file transfer application. After you install the app, it will need that you plug in an android device upon which a window of file transfer options will pop up. It will thus enable you to select and transfer files as fast as possible.

It is always good organize your android system in a manner that will help accessing certain files easier. If you have ever opened your Android device on a computer, then perhaps you notice the large number of folders that pop up. This s because the file transfer window doesn’t really have that much of search and arrange options.

All you can do on right clicking is to transfer or delete files over the platform. Otherwise, you will not need any copy & paste options here. To enjoy such a wide variety of options, then perhaps opting for other third party apps will help.

Making wireless file transfers with a Mac

Well, some people just want to browse files sing the Finder. Unfortunately, you won be able to do that with no USB option showing up. It is however possible to access ad transfer files over the wireless network with a app called DroidNAS.

When you access your android device using wireless connection with this app, it is easier and faster to organize your whole SD card with a few clicks.

DroidNAS basically help your Mac’s Finder to notice your device. However, it has other top features that will make the whole experience better.

Finally, troubleshooting transfer problems between a Mac and any android phone can be quite complicated. You just need to master how to use a number of third party apps efficiently to make the process simpler

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