Read our all-inclusive review of the brand new apple iPhone X

Finally, the apple iPhone X is here with us. It’s a complete redesign of the current iPhone 7 Plus. This high-end device is so intelligent to respond to your voice, tap and even a glance. It’s offered in sliver and gray colors.

apple iPhone X
Apple iPhone X apple

Features of the new apple iPhone X


The iPhone X comes with a 5.8-inch OLED display that is more colorful compared to other models in the segment. With a screen resolution of 2,440 × 1,130 pixels, this device has cured the problem of color accuracy which was a major problem with most OLED screens. Since the super retina screen is quite big, there are no buttons at the front. For the user to reach the home screen, he or she needs to tap it. The width of the display matches that of iPhone 6, 7 and 8. However, the device is 145pt taller which gives an additional 20 percent vertical space. It’s simply dazzles the eyes.


Standard applications use UI elements like tables and navigation bars that automatically adapts to the new device. If you want to preview your applications, you can use the X code simulator. Apple iPhone X gives a full screen experience where background features extend to the edge of the display. The status bar does not change height when other background tasks are active.

Face identification

When you look at phone X, it will automatically detect your face for it to unlock. Most importantly, it comes with a mathematical model that maps the contours of your face. The device then compares that image in real time to make sure you are the owner. The Face ID works with the camera system hidden at the top of the display. It also works in areas that are not properly lit using infrared. According to the chief software engineer, the facial recognition system does not get confused when you decide to grow a beard or change your hair style. The software can even recognize users with their sunglasses on. These familiar gestures make navigation intuitive thanks to the brilliant engineering.


The device is fitted with a TrueDepth camera that creates beautiful selfies with artfully blurred background and sharp foregrounds. The rear camera has 12-megapixel and comes with optical image stabilization. Apple has also considered studio-quality lighting effects on the 7-megapixel front camera. The device also supports auto image stabilization and exposure control. Unlike iPhone 8, both cameras of iPhone X use the natural lighting effect and support portrait mode. This iPhone has optical and digital zoom of up to 6 times for videos and 10 times for photos. The Quad LED flash improves the quality of photos shot in the dark.

Processor and memory

Just like the predecessor, the device is fitted with A11 Bionic chip. This is arguably the most powerful chip ever made for a Smartphone. It can perform more than 600 billion operations in one second. Thankfully, the processor has been enhanced with a more efficient processor of 64-bit. This has increased the speed by 30 percent. The available models have an internal memory of 64GB and 256GB.


This phone is fitted with a battery that lasts 2 hours longer between charges compared to iPhone 7 Plus. Apple has introduced AirPower mat as a wireless charging feature. The charging mats are sold separately.

Price and release date

According to the Senior Vice President, the starting price for apple iPhone X model will be $999. The product is expected to be released into the market between 27th Oct and 3rd November 2017.

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