Google Firebase Console, What Is It, How Does It Work?

It’s the Google Firebase Console. The creation of mobile and web applications is increasing as big businesses and small start-ups seek to break into the market quickly and effectively. To reach the modern-day audience, you’ve got to reach into the right places, and apps are the way in which to achieve this.

App development platforms allow users to create their own apps, easily and economically. Google Firebase offers an app-development platform with both free and paid services.

Let’s start with some basic background information before delving into the finer details.

What is Firebase exactly?

Firebase is an app-development platform owned and operated by Google. It offers different levels of ownership and access, meaning project teams can contribute, while still keeping privacy and ownership rights tight.

Who would use it?

Anyone wanting to develop a mobile or web application.

How does it work?

You sign up to Firebase as a project owner and start your project on your Google Firebase Console. Your project is where all of your apps will be stored and worked on, including iOS, Android and Web apps. If you have other apps or projects with other Google platforms, they can also be loaded into your Firebase account.

Google Firebase Console

All of your projects are worked on from your Google Firebase Console. Once you log into the console you will see all of your projects and can work on them according to your role.

There are different roles and permissions supported by Google Firebase Console which controls access levels. These are:

– Owner: the project owner has maximum power over the project. They can allow other members to be added and they have the ability to link Google services. They have full editing rights.

– Editor: they can edit the project but cannot authorize other members or services to be added

– Viewer: viewers can read project material but will be denied permission to edit

Google Firebase Console supports other Google applications and platforms such as Google AdWords, Play, BigQuery, and AdMob. In order to add these apps and accounts, you need to be the Firebase project owner and administrator for the chosen Google app or account such as AdWords.

The console can be accessed on updated versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Mobile browsers have limited support at the moment so it’s best to access the console via desktop browsers.

Can I use analytics to track my app’s progress?

Yes. Google Firebase has Google Analytics for Firebase. This is highly recommended as it is specially formulated to work with Firebase features. You can get some deep insights into the progress of your app which allows you to adjust and change it as needed. Google Analytics for Firebase actually helps you to more accurately target your audience, which in turn, will help you to earn more money.

Let’s talk money…is there a free option?

Yes. There are 3 levels of Google Firebase. The first is Spark, which is free and has limited monthly usage.

The second is the Flame plan, which is still affordable but offers much higher capacity than Spark.

The last is for big businesses and projects, it’s called Blaze, and it offers everything, but allows the user to control their usage and pay for only what they have used.

Thinking of starting a business? Got a great idea for an app? Try out Google Firebase Spark plan for free, and watch your app-dream grow into a reality.

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