A Comprehensive Guide On How To Promote Your App For Free

Looking for a guide on how to promote your app for free? Well, you have come to the right place! More and more entrepreneurs nowadays are promoting their apps for free and are making millions of dollars off them.

Some manually recruit their customers, while others try to generate a huge amount of publicity on social media. Here we have compiled a list of some useful tips on how to promote your app for free after careful research and analysis.

How To Promote Your App For Free

Here are the best ways on how to promote your app for free:

1. Start A Teaser Website

• Teaser websites allow creation of hype for your app.
• Do this a month or maybe two before the launch of your app.
• Teaser websites also allow you to get email addresses of interested customers, also known as “leads”.

2. Create A Micro Website

This micro website with two or three pages website will act as the official site of your app. Try to make it as catchy as possible!

3. Start A New Blog

• Start a new blog and stick it together with your microsite.
• Start by writing niche content that the audience of your app will find interesting.
• You can also provide Dev blogs and patch notes.

4. Share Your App On Social Media

• Use your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube etc.) to promote your app several times a week.
• Social media send some nice amount of traffic to your app so make sure you don’t miss this step!

5. Create A Video For Promotion

• This is a crucial step in our “how to promote your app for free guide”.
• Make a creative, personal and thought provoking video to promote your app.
• Try to make it very catchy but at the same time keep it simple.
• Avoid use of loud music like rock. Also avoid eye straining colors and animations.

6. Contact Bloggers Who Write The Same Niche

• Contact bloggers who cover same niches as your app and have them mention your app in a blog post.
• This will generate loyal customers for you since you cater to their niche.

7. Start A Podcast

• Publish it on your own website or iTunes.
• Try to take the content from the niche of your target audience.

8. Hold A Contest

• Contests are yet another one of the great tools in our “how to promote your app for free” guide.
• You can, for instance, hold a contest in which people have to promote your app on their social media accounts and in exchange some lucky winners can get rewards like cash or free download coupon of your app.

9. Create A Facebook Page And Group

• Create a group and page for people common interest as your app’s purpose so they can socialize regularly.
• This will create a healthy fanbase for your app.

10. Always Make Sure To Resolve Negative Reviews

• Make it a priority to resolve issues of customers who have given negative reviews to your app.
• Remember, a satisfied customer acts as a salesman for your app.

So there you have it, a comprehensive guide on hoe to promote your app for free. Have any points in your mind that we may have missed? Or maybe you have some other tips for our readers? Whatever be the case, sound off in the comment section below!

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