iOS 11.1

Apple has only recently released iOS 11.1, the first major update for iOS 11. Before this update, Apple did release a few beta updates for iOS 11 but the recent iOS 11.1 is the most significant update to roll out so far.

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iOS 11
As usual, the new update takes care of many problems while bringing many new features to iPhone and iPad users. Here is a brief rundown of some of the most notable features that have arrived with this new update.

Features Of the iOS 11.1

New Emojis

One of the most significant additions that arrive with iOS 11.1 is a whole new set of emojis. In all, Apple has added more than 70 emojis to an already huge list available. These include many diverse and unique emojis including the Crazy face, bearded person, zombie, woman with head scarf and more. Other emoji additions include many new mythical creatures, animals and foods.

3D Touch App Switcher

3D Touch App Switcher is not exactly a new feature. Apple had offered the feature earlier but removed it in iOS 11.1. With the new iOS 11.1 update, the feature is once again back and available on the iOS devices.

The 3D Touch app switcher essentially lets you instantly go to the App Switcher by 3D Touching the edge of the screen you are on and slightly pushing it aside. The app switcher is a great feature in that it lets you quickly switch between apps.

Battery Fix

One of the most important improvements that have arrived as a part of the iOS 11.1 update is an under-the-hood battery fix. Prior to this update, users have been reporting problems with the battery life of their iPhone and iPad devices while using iOS 11. This update apparently takes care of this although Apple hasn’t explicitly mentioned any battery fixes in the highlights of the update.

Still, many users who have updated to iOS 11.1 have reported significant improvements in battery life and performance.

Photos Bugs Fixed

iOS 11 users have been experiencing a number of bugs in the Photos app. These bugs included photos occasionally appearing blurry as well as performance problems when swiping between photos, in particularly when swiping between screenshots. The new update from Apple effectively takes care of these problems.

Update in Reachability Behavior

The way users reach for the notifications on their smartphone or tablet screens is important. It would appear that Apple agrees and has just brought back the Reachability-enabled Notification Center access. Previously, Apple had apparently decided to remove the feature but it has been brought back with the iOS 11.1 update.

The feature allows you to swipe down from the top half of the screen. The swipe automatically brings down the Cover Sheet on the iPhone screen, letting you access notifications more quickly.

Problems and Bugs

iOS 11.1 does bring a whole lot of new features to iPhone and iPad users, but it also has its fair share of problems and bugs. The most notable among these is a typing bug that is being reported by a huge number of users.

This bug essentially makes it impossible for you to type ‘I’ by pressing the ‘I’ button on screen. Instead, when you type ‘I’, it writes a variant of ‘A.’ Apple has release a few guidelines on how to circumvent this bug for the time being, which includes setting up Text Replacement for the ‘I’ alphabet.

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