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Lyf Wind 7i | Pros, Cons, Specs, Best Price | Quick Comparisons

Its getting hard to analyze the ever-growing family of Reliance Lyf mobiles specifically in the budget segment, the Wind series.

Lyf Wind 7i is the most popular Smartphone by Reliance in terms of Google searches specifically for playing high-end Android games, it officially went on sale in India on November 16, 2016 for INR 5,199.

First, lets look at its Pros and Cons.

Lyf Wind 7i Advantages

1OSIt runs Android Marshmallow and comparing it with other mobiles in the same price group which mostly runs of older version of Marshmallow, it’s the 1st pro of Wind 7i
2 MemoryIt comes along with an 8 GB of storage and same can be expanded up to 128 GB. Such a large expandable capacity is hardly seen in any 5-inch phone priced around Rs. 5k.
3 Screen protectionJust like most of Lyf branded devices, this too will have an AGC Dragontrail screen protection. Again, there are no phones available in the market in this price segment with such a feature.
4 CameraThe only phone for a price of Rs. 5k with a) 8 MP rear , 5 MP selfie camera and a powerful Snapdragon chip set.
5 BatteryIt takes the load from 2,250mAh battery and Xolo Era 1X is the only 5-inch phone with a higher battery than 7i.
6 4G VoLTEIt is eligible for Jio New Year offer and obviously supports all Reliance 4G bands.
7 WeightIt weighs 156 grams and is 2nd most light weighted mobile priced around Rs. 5,000 with a powerful battery backup.
8 GPUNot only the CPU but the Adreno 304 GPU is made to handle high-end apps including games, FB, YouTube, etc. The only device in its price range with the most poweful Graphics card.
9 OTG supportMost of the brands have ignored to include this useful element inside their budgeted phone but thanks to Lyf for a generous move by enabling 7i with on-the-go support.
10 PriceIts has arrays of great features for a budgeted Smartphone, take a bow to their accountants for keeping the price extremely low but even then it can’t beat the Lyf Wind 7

lyf wind 7i advantages disadvantages

Lyf Wind 7i Disadvantages

No matter how carefully a consumer durable product is designed but it can never get 100/100 in terms of technology embedded in it. 7i lacks in few categories just like any other device.

1Fingerprint scannerNo Fingerprint sensor is trait.
2NFCNFC is still rare to find in Smartphones but getting popular. It lacks this data transfer facility and is a sad thing.
3RAMIt composes 1GB of RAM but Lyf Wind 7 comes with 2 GB of RAM and posses some what same strength as 7i.

As we can see that 7i is a good offering from Lyf with a power pack graphics, good for gaming but then Wind 7 (without an i) and Era 1X shows more strength than this one. Try to avoid 7i and go for either Xolo Era 1X of Lyf Wind 7 instead, both of them carries a similar price tag.

But if you’r someone who plays a lot of games then do the otherwise and check out 7i, you won’t be disappointed.

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