Nexus 5 battery tips the ultimate guide to better battery life

So you just acquired your new Nexus 5 mobile phone, and you just realized that its battery technology isn’t pretty up to snuff yet. If you are looking for tips and tricks to increase your phone battery and enable it to last longer on a single charge, then you are the right audience for this article. For purposes of this discussion, this article will focus on giving you the ultimate guide to a better battery life for your Nexus 5 phone.

Nexus 5
Nexus 5

The following battery saving tips and tricks will help you to squeeze out some extra battery life from your Nexus phone, when you are rooted and when you are not rooted.

The Nexus 5 device

But before we get down to discuss these tips and tricks, it is important that you master your stock settings correctly so you can adjust them appropriately when you need to. Depending on your phone setup, you can access the settings menu either by sliding two fingers down from the top of your screen and locate it in the Quick Setting tiles or access it using your app drawer

Learn these five basic techniques for saving the overall battery life of your mobile phone.

Tip#1. Disable your NFC

NFC technology allows you to transfer files and links from one device to another by holding the devices back-to-back. The technology also enables the tap and play functionality of Google Wallet.

When you are not using NFC on your Nexus 5 device, you can disable this feature to save more battery life. To disable it, go to your main settings page, then more and then hit the button next to NFC.

Tip#2. Avoid poor Wi-Fi connections

To do this, go to advanced Wi-Fi menu then select the option labeled ‘avoid poor connections’ Press the button next to it to tick it. This ensures that your device will not struggle to connect to a Wi-Fi whose connection is too weak to work efficiently.

Tip#3. Disable Auto Brightness

According to many users, the auto brightness levels on the Nexus 5 device tend to be higher, so disabling auto-brightness levels is an excellent way to increase its battery life.

Use the display entry on settings then tap on the Brightness button at the top. Press the Auto brightness switch to turn it off. Next, use the slider to change the brightness levels to your suit your liking. Staying on the dimmer side of things for longer hours enables you to save more battery life.

Tip#4. Disconnect Wi-Fi when on sleep

From the top of the settings menu, hit on Wi-Fi option. Ensure you press Wi-Fi and not the toggle option to its right. Now press on the three-dot menu key on the next page and select the ’Advanced option.

Next, tap on the option indicated ’keep Wi-Fi on during sleep’ and instead select ‘Never’ option. Now hit confirm button to accept the option.

Tip#5. Disable unwanted system Apps

If you want to disable unwanted system apps, tap on the Apps option then drag over to the ‘all’ tab to locate apps that were preexisting in your phone when you acquired it. Once you are here, tap on any app you think is unnecessary and disable it to stop it from running in the background consuming your valuable battery power. Tap OK button to confirm the action.

Your Nexus 5 device will notify you that disabling built-in apps may affect the normal operation of your phone. Before you hit the confirm option, be sure you know the function of the app you are disabling.

Certainly, there are more than five tips for saving your battery life on your Nexus 5 phone. Disabling features such as poor Wi-Fi connections, NFC, auto-brightness, unwanted system apps and disconnecting Wi-Fi connection during sleep are just a few examples of increasing your battery power.

Other features such as disabling apps which are no longer working and disabling syncing on Google services which you don’t need may also come in handy when you are trying to save battery life on your Nexus 5 mobile phone.

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