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Technology and gadgets have come to play a very important role in our lives. From solving various everyday problems to helping us do things faster, quicker and better, gadgets are an important part of the modern lifestyle.

6 gadgets that solve everyday issues
27 6 gadgets that solve everyday issues

However, there is a virtually endless variety of gadgets available out there. Picking the right ones that genuinely add some value to your life is a tough task. To make things easier for you we have shortlisted 6 gadgets that solve everyday issues. These gadgets cover different aspects of your life and are sure to make your life significantly easier.

Top 6 gadgets that solve everyday issues

Smart Security for your home

Sophisticated home security systems have been around for decades but most of them cost too much to be affordable for the vast majority. This is no longer the case with the advent of many smart security systems which are affordable, easy enough to install through a DIY approach, and highly effective.

The SimpliSafe is one of them. This smart security system comes in neat components which you can compile at your own. You can add or subtract the components depending on your needs, and that will help you pay only for what you are actually going to use. These include an incredibly loud siren, window and door sensors, and various other parts.

Finally, it comes with options such as alerting firefighters, law enforcement authorities and other relevant departments in the wake of potential break-ins or fires. It is one of our favorite among top 6 gadgets that solve everyday issues.

Motion-Activated Smart Light

Leaving a light on for too long without actually needing to do it and then feeling guilty about it – most of us have been there. However, turning lights on and off too often or worrying too much about them can become quite tiresome.

Enter the Philips Hue system. This system utilizes motion sensing technology to determine when you are around and turns the connected lights or bulbs on at only such times. For instance, the system will automatically turn on a bulb near the staircase when you are climbing the stairs. As soon as you are gone, the bulb will automatically turn you. This helps you ensure a more efficient electricity usage and significantly less electricity costs.

Smart Garage Control

When it comes to top 6 gadgets that solve everyday issues, the list is simply incomplete without an effective gadget to take care of garage woes. Ever fret about leaving the garage door open or simply want to add an extra layer of security? The NEXX Garage app is the perfect solution. It lets you remotely open or close the door and keep an eye on the door no matter where you are.

Comprehensive Home Assistant

The Amazon Echo originally started off as a Bluetooth speaker. Now, it has become one of the smartest home assistants available today. Being able to receive a huge range of voice commands and process them, Amazon Echo is truly amazing.

You can turn on or off the connected smart lights, order food, stream online content and perform a whole lot of other tasks simply by asking the Echo gadget to do it. It is certainly one of the most useful 6 gadgets that solve everyday issues.

The Tile Security

Bluetooth tracking is a great way to make sure that your everyday possessions are safe and if you lose sight of them, you can easily track them. The Tile gadget is a great way of accomplishing this. Available in a vast variety, you can add a tile to anything ranging from your keys to your wallet and more.

The Bluetooth tracker chip inside the Tile can be easily tracked from a smartphone, even if you are up to 100 feet away. The Tile is a particularly useful gadget if you have a knack of losing things often.

The Universal Remote

Home entertainment devices come in endless shapes and varieties these days. And each has a remote of its own. From your TV to the nifty streaming devices sitting nearby and from that advanced audio system to the PlayStation you may plug on to the big screen, you probably have a remote control for each of these devices. Keeping track of these remotes and keeping them organized is a tough job.

Let a smart gadget resolve this problem for you. A universal remote, such as the Harmony Home Control, can effectively let you adjust the settings of all the devices from a single remote control, making your life a lot easier. This is certainly one of those 6 gadgets that solve everyday issues and will be genuinely useful to you.

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